Franchise Opportunities

Due to our long experience in the field, at Aya Company Co., Ltd., we are able to develop, produce, and consult franchise stores in order to spread new ways of enjoying matcha (Japanese green tea) and other delicious Japanese ingredients.
We have been opening and following new franchising stores not only in Japan but also overseas.
Get in touch with us if you are interested in expanding the possibilities of Japanese culture, matcha and many others Japanese ingredients.

saryo Bakery(Shinagawa-ku TOKYO)

saryo Bakery(Shinagawa-ku TOKYO)

Bread manufacturing and sales,
Cafe management(Menu proposal, etc.)

Kagurazaka Saryo Toronto North York/CANADA

【FC】Kagurazaka Saryo Toronto North York/CANADA

Cafe management
(Menu, proposal, store management etc.)

Kagurazaka Saryo Singapore VIVOCITY/SINGAPORE

【FC】Kagurazaka Saryo Singapore VIVOCITY/SINGAPORE

Cafe management
(Menu proposal, Store management etc.)

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