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At Aya Company we always welcome customers with a smile.
Our hope is that our patrons will enjoy delicious dishes in a friendly atmosphere.

From many experiences so far, there is one that made me say “This is true!”.
That is when people get touched by a “gentle smile”, they feel relieved at least for a moment,
and especially after a bad day, a smile could turn one’s mood for the better.
I don’t think anyone feels uncomfortable when is greeted with a smile, and that is the reason why
we want to keep our friendly and attentive attitude towards our customers.
We strive to offer tasty dishes, carefully prepared and served with the hope our patrons will say “This is delicious !!”.
Good food, good sweets and good tea, served with an outstanding customer service … this is our recipe.
Therefore, we at Aya Company will always welcome customers with a smile, and will make them enjoying delicious dishes that touch the heart.

President and CEO
Kinya Oguchi

Company Profile

Trade name aya company co.,ltd.
Headquarters location #2F Matsuihonsya-bldg
3-3 Tsukudocho,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0821
Business content Planning, operation, and restaurant management,
outsourced restaurant management
Cake manufacturing and sales
Representative Kinya Oguchi
Staff permanent staff 60people,part-time staff 180people(November 2020)
Date of establishment December 1985


1994 February Morimoriya・Kojimachi /chiyoda-ku TOKYO
1996 January MORIMORI-YA・Kagurazaka /Shinjuku-ku TOKYO
1997 October MORIMORI-YA・Nakano /Nakano-ku TOKYO
1998 May Kagurazaka SHUN・Honke /Shinjuku-ku TOKYO
1998 November Azabu SHUN /Minato-ku TOKYO
1999 April Morimoriya and Opened Kojimachi SHUN/ Chiyoda-ku TOKYO
2002 March Opened Kagurazaka SHUN・Bunke /Shinjuku-ku TOKYO
2003 May Closed MORIMORIYA and Opened seasondining-SHUN /Shinjuku-ku TOKYO
2003 September Opened Chiso Konya /Shinjuku-ku TOKYO
2003 October Opened Kagurazaka Saryo Honten /Shinjuku-ku TOKYO
2005 April Opened Kagurazaka SHUN・Aoyama /Minato-ku TOKYO
2005 June Opened Kagurazaka saryo Shibuya Mark City /Shibuya-ku TOKYO
2005 July Opened RESTAURANT Kamikura /Shibuya-ku TOKYO
2006 May Opened Spanish Bar Drop /Shibuya-ku TOKYO
2006 October IkebukutoTimes raku/Ryo /Toshima-ku TOKYO
2007 May Closed Chiso Konya /Shinjuku-ku TOKYO
2007 July Opened Karuizawa saryo Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza /Karuizawa NAGANO
2008 February Opened Soba and Washoku Bunraku /Shinjuku-ku TOKYO
2008 May Opened Wine Bar Drop×Drop /Bunkyo-ku TOKYO
2008 February Opened Bistro LAROCHE /Shinjuku-ku TOKYO
2008 March Opened Kagurazaka Saryo Tokyo Dome City /Bunkyo-ku TOKYO
2008 August Reopened Chiso Konya /Shinjuku-ku TOKYO
2009 May Opened Kagurazaka Headquarters Office /Shinjuku-ku TOKYO
2010 February Opened Chanabe café saryo SunshineCity /Toshima-ku TOKYO
2010 March Opened Kagurazaka Tetsumaru Hondayokocho /Shinjuku-ku TOKYO
2010 October Kagurazaka Chanabe café saryo Shibuya Mark City /Shinjuku-ku TOKYO
2011 March Chanabe Kagurazaka Saryo Grandberry Park /Machida-city TOKYO
2012 January Opened Italian Grill Sakanoue Restaurant /Shinjuku-ku TOKYO
2013 April Opened Kagurazaka Saryo Musashikosugi Tokyu Square /Kawasaki-city KANAGAWA
2013 November Company name changed to aya company co.,ltd.
2014 April Opened 【FC】saryo’s café AEON MALL Odaka /Nagoya-city AICHI
2015 March Opened NIKUKAISEKI-YUKAWA /Shinjuku-ku TOKYO
2015 June Opened COTO-COTO saryo SHINJUKU Myload /Shinjuku-ku TOKYO
2015 July Opened saryo Marui Kichijoji /Musashino-city TOKYO
2015 December Opened Kagurazaka Saryo LaLaport Tachikawatachihi /Tachikawa-ku TOKYO
2016 February Opened Kagurazaka Saryo Ikebukuro Tobu /Toshima-ku TOKYO
2016 April Opened 【FC】Kagurazaka Saryo Hakata Marui /Hakata-city FUKUOKA
2017 April Opened Chanabe café kagurazaka saryo Nagareyama Otakanomori S・C /Nagareyama-city CHIBA
2018 January Opened 【FC】Kagurazaka Saryo Toronto North York /CANADA
2018 March Renewed Chanabe café kagurazaka saryo SunshineCity /Toshima-ku TOKYO
2018 July Opened 【FC】Kagurazaka Saryo Singapore VIVOCITY /SINGAPORE
2018 Augast Opened 【FC】Kagurazaka Saryo Singapore JUNCTION8 /SINGAPORE
2019 November Opened Kagurazaka Saryo Shibuya Scramble Square /Shibuya-ku TOKYO
2020 May Opened 【FC】Saryo bakery Musashi Koyama /Shinagawa-ku TOKYO
2020 September Closed Kagurazaka SHUN・Honke and Opened Kagurazaka Kamosho /Shinjuku-ku TOKYO
2022 January Temporarily closed due to relocation of Kagurazaka Saryo Honten /Shinjuku-ku Tokyo
2022 March Reopened due to relocation of Kagurazaka Saryo Honten /Shinjuku-ku Tokyo

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